Seawood Estates Owners Association
Lewes, Delaware

Trash/Recycling Information

The Seawood Estates present contract is with Waste Management.

Trash Removal

Waste Management Corporation 302-854-5302

Seawood Estates trash is removed every Monday. The trash should be placed at the end of the driveway Sunday evening no earlier than 6 pm. Although WM does not pick up trash on certain holidays it is still prudent to place your contatiner out for removal on Sunday night. If they do not pickup the trash on a holiday Monday they will be out the next day. The container for trash is the green container. (All one color, some are brown) They will take up to 3 additional bags. Large items need to be broken down before they will take them away. WM will not remove yard waste!

**New Recycling Ordinance**

No plastic bags in recycling containers. Do not put your recycling in plastic bags. Place them loosely in the container. Plastic bags should be taken to the retailer or placed in the regular trash container.

Recycling 2024

Waste Management Corporation 302-854-5302

Seawood Estates recycling is removed every other Monday. The items for recycling are on the top of the recycling receptacle, (green with a yellow top). The days for recycling are as follows 2024:

January 1,15,29 February 12,26 March 11, 25 April 8, 22 May 6, 20 June 3, 17 July 1,15, 29   August 12, 26 September 9, 23 October 7, 21 November 4, 18 December 2, 16, 30